Author: Jordan Vile, RVN, DipVNZS, APVN (Small Animal, Avian, Herp, (Wildlife, Zoo Animals)

Jordan qualified as an RVN in May 2022 and works as a veterinary nurse in the veterinary department at ZSL London Zoo. She loves working with exotic and zoo animals, and has her full certificate in exotic veterinary nursing. She is currently undertaking her emergency and critical care certificate. Her passion for helping exotic animals began with her African pygmy hedgehog Mable, who received the first documented diagnosis of diabetes mellitus in the species. The diagnosis sparked Jordan’s desire to become a veterinary nurse and to help exotic animals get the gold standard of care they require.

ABSTRACT Diabetes mellitus is a common metabolic disease, which can affect African pygmy hedgehogs (Aterlerix albiventris). However, there are very few scientific studies on the condition in this species. This article will discuss a case of diabetes mellitus in an African pygmy hedgehog, from the clinical signs that prompted veterinary attention to the successful management of this case with twice daily insulin injections.
Keywords African pygmy hedgehog, diabetes mellitus, Aterlerix albiventris

DOI: 10.56496/IUBT9985

To cite this article: Vile, J. (2023) Diabetes mellitus in African pygmy hedgehogs. VNJ 38(5) pp 32-35.

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