Veterinary Woman, an initiative delivering resources aimed at encouraging women to aspire to lead in all areas of veterinary influence, has announced the launch of its 2023 readership survey. The survey, designed to gauge opinions on key issues facing women in the veterinary profession, will remain open until the end of November and takes just six minutes to complete. Veterinary Woman is also offering all participants the opportunity to enter into a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher. To take part, visit:

Jenny Langridge, Editor of Veterinary Woman, emphasises the importance of the survey’s responses, saying, “This is our third annual survey and we are seeking the opinions of both Veterinary Woman readers and the wider professions to highlight the key issues affecting women in the veterinary sector. We’re not just asking questions, we’re offering veterinary professionals a chance to take part in an ongoing conversation about the very real issues that women face in the veterinary workplace. The more diverse the information we can collate about these topics, the more we can work towards achieving changes that help for women to thrive in the professions.”

From moving into leadership, to career diversification and motherhood, the survey covers a broad range of relevant topics and challenges within the industry. All data and responses will remain strictly anonymous, and will be used to help ensure that Veterinary Woman remains an accessible, supportive platform enabling relevant and informative discussion.

The survey is open until November 30th. To participate, and be entered into the prize draw, visit here:

About Veterinary Woman

Veterinary Woman is a dynamic platform, dedicated to empowering and inspiring women in the veterinary and animal health sector. The supportive community offers a wealth of resources, articles, events, and more. The aim of the platform is to empower women to strive for excellence and be at the forefront of growth and innovation, be this in leadership, practice, specialisation, corporates, or more.

This readership survey is designed to help tailor content and affiliated discussions to the needs of individuals working in the veterinary sector from all backgrounds and job roles, creating a supportive, caring community of veterinary professionals.