Calling all SVNs – Between the 10th and 16th of February, we will be celebrating Student Volunteering Week within the Veterinary Nursing profession.

Student Volunteering Week aims to “celebrate the impact of student volunteers and encourage students to engage in civic life” – and as SVNs that could mean improving standards within the industry, supporting others who are studying or helping the public look after their pets and wildlife (like organising a dog day out, or even volunteering abroad!) – the possibilities are endless. Through volunteering you can learn new skills, connect with others in the industry, find support networks and also give back to the community.

Student Hubs, one of biggest UK student support organisations, says “social action creates positive change”, so let’s look into what SVNs can do to volunteer at BVNA….

BVNA Council Election and Student Members

BVNA is the organisation that supports veterinary nurses in the UK and it has been running for 55 years with thousands of members – and excitingly, council elections are launched today, 12 February with 2 spots available for SVNs (out of 15 council members).

As a council member, you become part of the formal decision-making body of BVNA and helps build close relationships with the key regulating body RCVS and other organisations such as British Veterinary Association, about the perspective of veterinary nurses on legislation, good practice and the challenges and opportunities within our industry.

Over the last few years, our student council members have said they’ve joined the BVNA council so they can make a positive difference to the veterinary profession. They’ve also said they enjoyed being part of a community, developed their leadership skills, and learned communication and meeting management skills. Their advice for anyone wanting to join the BVNA council was to do it and go for it!

There is also The British Association of Veterinary Nursing Students (BAVNS), which the 2 SVNs council members are representatives of. BAVNS aims to:

  • Support student veterinary nurses throughout their studies
  • Represent the views of student veterinary nurses and lobbying on issues that affect them
  • Include student veterinary nurses in the development of the profession
  • Enhance the status of student veterinary nurses within the veterinary community
  • Create opportunities for networking and socialising with new people
  • Eventually establishing international relations

Other SVN Volunteering Opportunities

There are so many organisations that you can be involved with as an SVN, both locally AND abroad like:

As you can see, there are so many places you can use your knowledge, skill and passion before qualifying – so what are you waiting for? Get out there!