SPVS are pleased to announce the launch of SPVS Veterinary Business Excellence Awards – an initiative designed to celebrate and honour outstanding veterinary practices that have demonstrated exceptional performance and innovation in key areas crucial to the future success of the profession. These awards are part of SPVS commitment to fostering excellence, growth, and leadership within the veterinary community as defined by their Thriving In Practice learning hub.

Award Categories

The awards are presented across four distinctive categories, each reflecting a vital aspect of a successful veterinary practice:

Leadership Skills: Recognising practices that exhibit visionary leadership, strategic planning, effective communication, and the ability to inspire and motivate their teams.

Team Dynamics: Celebrating practices that have a culture of collaborative teamwork, conflict resolution, and nurturing a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Self Development: Honouring practices that prioritise continuous learning, professional growth, adaptability, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Management: Acknowledging practices that excel in resource management, financial stewardship, client relationships, and innovative practice development.

Nomination and Selection

Veterinary practices who feel they have excellence to showcase are invited to submit their nominations via the online form https://spvs.org.uk/business-excellence-awards/ highlighting why they deserve to receive the award against each of the selection criteria outlined below. SPVS Board will review submissions and shortlist the top 5 nominations in each of the above categories.

Practices shortlisted, will be contacted and asked to submit a more detailed statement of 750 words/or a 90 second video, giving opportunity to really showcase their accomplishments.

A panel of SPVS members will evaluate the final submissions and vote for a winner in each category. The 4 category winners will win full day + evening tickets to SPVS Congress 2024 on Thursday 25th January 2024 for three team members, plus overnight accommodation, at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole. An overall winner will be announced at the opening ceremony. They will also have the opportunity to present their top tips to members, if they wish to.

Why Participate?

Participating in the Veterinary Business Excellence Awards offers veterinary practices the chance to showcase their accomplishments, benchmark against other industry leaders, and inspire continuous improvement. By recognising and sharing best practices, we aim to elevate the standards of excellence across the veterinary profession.

Award Categories and criteria

A. Leadership Skills Category

Criteria for Evaluation:

a. Demonstrated Vision and Strategic Planning

b. Effective Communication and Decision-Making

c. Ability to Inspire and Motivate Team Members

B. Team Dynamics Category

Criteria for Evaluation:

a. Collaboration and Cooperation Among Team Members

b. Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving Abilities

c. Supportive and Inclusive Work Environment

C. Self Development Category

Criteria for Evaluation:

a. Pursuit of Advanced Training and Education

b. Adaptability and Willingness to Embrace Change

c. Personal and Professional Balance

D. Management Category

Criteria for Evaluation:

a. Efficient Resource Allocation and Financial Management

b. Client Relationship Management and Service Quality

c. Innovative Practice Development


SPVS welcome submissions to be received by 5pm on 31/10/23.

Shortlisted practices will be notified by 5pm on 15/11/23

750 word statements/90 second videos from shortlisted practices to be received by 5pm on 29/11/23

Category winners to be announced by end of December 2023

Overall winner to be announced at SPVS Congress 2024 (25th – 27th January 2024)

For more information about SPVS and member benefits visit https://spvs.org.uk/member-benefits/