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Learning Points;

1. Benefits of senior clinics in practice for individual team members and the whole practice

2. Planning skills & objectives

3. Communication styles

4. Clinical Exam techniques & linking in what you already offer in your practice

5. How to review your new service

Lecture Synopsis:

Are you thinking about running clinics for senior pets in your practice? Would you even know where to begin your journey? Senior nurse clinics have so many benefits including clinical, educational, financial and are great for your professional development as a nurse. They can be offered to dogs, cats and rabbits. Beth will take you through the different benefits of offering these clinics in your practice. Whether you want to start a new clinic in practice or want to re-ignite a clinic after the pandemic or you may want to improve what you already have, Beth will take you though the planning process including why, where, who, when and how. She will discuss time management, communication, team participation and team harmony.

Running these clinics in practice give you the opportunity to offer your clients that quality time that our vets don’t always have. As nurses, we can really get to know our senior pets and owners well and by offering nurse clinics, we can allocate time to have in-depth discussions about their physical & mental health, their nutritional status and to make recommendations to improve the pet’s quality of life, and their owners too. Beth will give you tips on how to attract clients to your new service and in time this will help bond more of your clients to your practice and to you as a nurse. Beth will explain how running senior clinics will improve the skill levels of your nursing team and grow their confidence and competence.

You will learn how to conduct a senior clinic step-by-step using different skills and tools that you already have and will be able to adapt to fit your practice values. This will include what you can do before the clinic, during and after the client has left your room and using what resources you already have in practice.

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