Trigger warning – This survey contains references to subjects of mental health, which some individuals may find distressing.

The RVC are currently conducting an exploration of mental health and wellbeing amongst veterinary nurses, called “Nursing Matters”.

Mental health in the veterinary profession is such a high-profile issue at the moment, but whilst much research has investigated the mental health of veterinary surgeons, there has been very little research on mental health amongst student and registered veterinary nurses. The RVC are now conducting a nationwide study on mental health in veterinary nursing and they need your views, thoughts and experiences to help build a clear and accurate portrait of this important issue. We are looking for everybody’s input whether you have experienced mental health issues yourself or not. This is a really big and unique opportunity to make a difference for everyone in this amazing profession, so we are really hoping that RVNs and SVNs will complete it and share it as widely as possible.

In order to complete the survey, you must be a UK-based Registered or Student Veterinary Nurse.

Complete the survey here;

Find out more information about this research project here; ‘Nursing Matters’: RVC researchers launch exploration of mental health and wellbeing amongst veterinary nurses