Pam Mosedale, Clinical Lead for Quality Improvement at RCVS Knowledge

RCVS Knowledge’s latest series of ‘QI Boxset’, focusing on guidelines and how to implement them in veterinary practice, is now available on the charity’s dedicated e-learning platform. This new multimedia course – which includes a broad range of webinars, podcasts and articles – supports veterinary teams to develop guidelines to assist their decision-making in the management of clinical and non-clinical processes.

This fourth series of QI Boxset signposts to the evidence and how to appraise it, talking users through the steps of how to produce guidelines for their own practice. It provides templates and examples, offering practical help and support and highlighting how guidelines are a key part of the Quality Improvement (QI) process.

Sally Everitt, inFOCUS Clinical Support Lead at RCVS Knowledge, says: “Guidelines are a good way to put evidence into practice. A great way to learn how to find, appraise and use evidence, and then translate it into everyday practice. You may be reading and keeping up to date with the evidence, but you but may not be sure how to implement it in a consistent way, or just need some support to navigate the evidence and have some structure. Then this series of QI Boxset is for you.”

Pam Mosedale, Clinical Lead for Quality Improvement at RCVS Knowledge, says: “Creating and using guidelines can be really useful for the entire practice to work together to identify processes that will help them deliver evidence-based care as a team and as individuals, within the practice’s particular circumstances.”

Previous series of QI Boxset focused on establishing a Quality Improvement structure in practice, clinical audit and benchmarking. Each series of QI Boxset covers key topics to advance users’ understanding of QI and how it can work for them and their practice. Each series offers bite-sized content for busy veterinary teams for on-the-go and at home learning.

Every series is entirely free to access on the RCVS Knowledge Learn platform. By creating a login, users can access the course whenever suits them and tailor their learning to their needs. Creating a login also gives access to many other RCVS Knowledge resources.

The new QI Boxset series on guidelines can be streamed today on the RCVS Knowledge Learn platform, at;