The BVNA was founded in 1965. Since then we have employed a dedicated team of office staff, but the BVNA would not function as it does today without its volunteers.

BVNA Council Members are volunteers. Up to seventeen veterinary nurses come together to form the council that represents our members voices. In their own time they represent the BVNA in a variety of ways, all pulling together through a passion and drive to make our profession better and all in their own time. The past 4 years have seen an election take place for new council members, demonstrating the zeal that lies within our profession.

We say thank you to our Council Members.

The BVNA has a team of Regional Representatives. This group of representatives come from around the UK. They work hard to provide meetings and create a local network of nurses – offering support, CPD and meetings. These representatives hold talks in local schools and colleges to highlight the work of the veterinary nurse and attract more people into our profession.

We say thank you to our Regional Representatives.

BVNA congress has grown as an event each year, it is the only congress designed completely for veterinary nurses. Without volunteers this event would not run anywhere near as smoothly as it does! BVNA Congress Stewards’ work incredibly hard to help make the event a success. You will see them on the doors scanning you into lecture halls, helping on the registration desk and signposting you around the event. They have early starts and late finishes and keep that enthusiasm and passion all the way through.

We say thank you to our Congress Stewards.

We rely on volunteers with VNJ, our monthly journal. We have an editorial board and peer reviewers for our clinical articles.

We say thank you to all who contribute.

BVNA’s advisory committee are all volunteers. They provide support and advice to the council, all on a voluntary basis.

We say thank you for all the support over the years.

The BVNA have volunteers who are not veterinary nurses and volunteers who are veterinary nurses, our volunteers come from all different aspects of the profession and beyond. Our volunteers are diverse, dedicated and hard working. They help form the BVNA. They help represent the voice of veterinary nursing. Volunteers are the BVNA.

So, we celebrate and say thank you to all BVNA’s volunteers from past and present. Keep being involved, be part of the community.

For more information on volunteering for the BVNA, please contact us at