After Valentine’s Day passes, not all love is lost! On the 20th of February, we get to celebrate the love of our pets. Whether they have 4 legs, hooves, beaks, scales, fins or shells – It’s National Love Your Pet Day!

Everyday they get given love and fuss, but why not treat them to something super special on Thursday? Here are some of the BVNA’s ideas that you can recommend to your clients:

  • Take dogs on a new walk to sniff and run around – search Walkiees for inspiration!
  • Treat them to a new chew or a specially prepared meal – tin of tuna anyone?
  • Give them brand new toys – stock up on new things for your practices’ shop!
  • Ask clients to post to your practices social media page with the #LoveYourPetDay tag and ask what their favourite thing is about them! It is bound to get everyone smiling.
  • Send clients a picture of you cuddling and providing 1 on 1 care to their pets if they are being hospitalised and can’t make it home for the day. It will also help to boost the bond to the practice too!

Pets in the UK

We are an animal loving bunch – Around 40% of UK households own at least one, with dogs coming out on top as the most commonly owned pet! Check out these other furry fun facts:

  • There are 9 million pet dogs and 7.5 million pet cats in the UK.
  • The most dog loving region is the North East of England, with 36% of the population owning one, and London has the lowest number of dog ownership with only 9% of people sharing their home with a hound.
  • Cats rule the South West of England where 21% of people own (at least) one.
  • 1% of homes in the UK have a pet rabbit.
  • Turtle and tortoise ownership is double that of those who own a horse or pony.

Benefits of owning a Pet

Humans are one of the few species in the animal kingdom who like to keep other animals close to them for companionship. But there is more to it than just having them around – it is the unconditional love they provide back to us!

People say that apart from the love and company that owning a pet can provide, they also reduce stress and anxiety, provide comfort when feeling sad or lonely, they make us laugh, and they can even make us more social and interactive when out walking or talking with others!

So, after all they do for us, lets spoil them this #LoveYourPetDay in return!