National Careers Week runs from the 1st to the 6th of March!

“I always knew I wanted to become an RVN one day as I was obsessed with animals and wanting to care for them. I set myself this career goal at the young age of 12, in the hope that I would one day achieve this. I researched what grades would be needed to become an RVN and began volunteering at local animal rescue centres after school and on weekends.

Once I finished school I then moved on to college where I studied Animal Management level 3 diploma. As part of this course, I studied veterinary nursing which really helped open my eyes to the real world of veterinary. As part of the course, I needed to complete a set amount of work experience hours. I mainly split my time between a veterinary practice, dog kennels and a dog groomers. At the end of my course I was offered a full time apprenticeship with the dog groomers. This was a valuable move as I was able to learn a lot regarding canine behaviour, welfare and handling. I enjoyed my two years as a dog groomer but veterinary nursing was still at the forefront of my mind.

After a few unsuccessful interviews at local practices to become a veterinary receptionist, I landed myself a job at the Pet Blood Bank as an animal care assistant. This role was brilliant for me as I was able to work more closely within the veterinary industry and I learnt so much information regarding blood transfusions, learning how to run PCV tests, on call experience and fear free handling which is vital experience for veterinary practice. After working for the pet blood bank for two years, a job advert popped up in my local area for an animal nursing assistant within veterinary practice. Even though I loved my role within the pet blood bank, I knew I still wanted to achieve my career goal of one day becoming a veterinary nurse.

After a successful interview, I was offered the position. After working at my current practice for a year, I won a LOVE award within the company for my enthusiasm and work during that time and got to meet the lovely Martin Clunes! A few months after this, I was then offered an SVN position with the practice which I snapped their hand off for.

Fast forward to now. I am in my final few months of being a student vet nurse [SVN], awaiting to sit my objective structured clinical examinations [OSCEs]. It has been quite a long and unsteady road to becoming an SVN, but I am so glad I carried on pushing myself and didn’t give up. I am so proud of the person and nurse I am becoming and being part of the BVNA as an SVN is an honour.”

Look out for the BVNA booth at the National Careers Week 2021 virtual event taking place from the 1st to the 6th of March! 

At the moment, we’ve all had to adapt and we hope that young people who have an interest in or would like to find out more about a career in animal welfare and veterinary nursing, will go to the #NCW2021 event website and visit our booth. Our booth has information and a video on the training required and routes that can be taken to become a veterinary nurse and describes what work and activities a veterinary nurse carries out.

If you’re a parent or young person, you can find out more about how the virtual event works here where you can find booklets and guides such as The Parent’s Guide to Careers, An introduction to Careers Week and The Future of Work Guide. There are also activities for young people such as a Skills Builder Benchmark self-assessment tool, signposting to Not Going to Uni website and many resources that young people and parents may find useful.

BVNA have our own Learning & Development team who can help with any questions about a career in veterinary nursing. Email and ask your questions or visit the booth at #NWC2021.