BVNA have recently developed a Welfare of Pets in Schools Toolkit – a new resource available to veterinary professionals, schools and parents to promote responsible pet ownership, especially in a school environment. The toolkit includes podcasts, downloadable resources and signposting to information from pet welfare organisations.

Jo Hinde-Megarity RVN, co-owner of LagoLearn, kindly contributed to the content on the toolkit:

Jo has worked in the veterinary industry since 2007 and has always had a special interest in rabbits. She co-owns LagoLearn, which provides rabbit specific CPD to veterinary professionals in the UK and Internationally. She spends a significant amount of voluntary time highlighting animal welfare, is the Secretary of the AZEVN and is proud have been the President of the BVNA in 2019/2020. Jo has received several awards over the years including the Blue Cross Veterinary Nurse of the Year in 2014, an RCVS Innovation Award winner in 2017 and the IFAW Animal Advocate Award in 2017.

Listen to Kim Rathbone interviewing Jo here:

The BVNA Welfare of Pets in Schools Toolkit is available here.