Feline friendly nursing

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Lecture Synopsis:

This session will provide an overview of feline friendly nursing and handling, starting from the basics, to advanced cat handling skills. The session will cover:

  • The history of the feline and its behavioural traits
  • Recognising stress in our feline patients and how this can affect clinical examinations and measurements
  • How we as nurses can help reduce the stress levels in our feline patient prior to, on the way to and during visits to the veterinary clinic.
  • Various handling techniques, and equipment we can use to assist us.
  • Creating and maintaining a feline friendly environment.
  • The use of chemical restraint.
  • Dealing with aggressive cats.
  • Recognising feline body language and facial expressions.

Learning Points:

  1. The history of the feline and why it behaves how it does and how we can apply this knowledge in day to day nursing.
  2. Reducing stress levels in our feline patients prior to travel, travelling to and during a visit to our veterinary clinic.
  3. Creating a feline friendly environment and maintain this. Recognising stress in our feline patients.
  4. Exploring the use of various handling techniques for different medical procedures and discussing the use of equipment that can help us with this.

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