Clinical Audit Awareness Week is a campaign started by HQIP (Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership) for human medicine. The Quality Improvement team at RCVS Knowledge adopted this week to help raise awareness of the benefits of clinical audit to our veterinary patients and teams. What started as a week now spans the entire month of November, with new resources being shared to help inspire the entire team to start with clinical audit. RCVS Knowledge will also share the latest benchmark results from the National Audit in Small Animal Neutering each November, where practices can compare their audit data to the national average, to identify any changes that are required to improve patient safety.

This year, many teams have been stretched or furloughed, and normal practice has not been easy. So, this November let’s celebrate audit inspiration, by sharing case examples, discussions and stories from vets and VNs to inspire others to get started again in practice, and think about new topics.

Without realising it, most practice teams are implementing quality improvement every day. Clinical audits enable you to look at how well you’re doing things as a practice, can identify new areas for improvement, and the process is much less daunting than it may initially appear. November is all about asking the questions you want to know, getting advice, and planning your improvements, so join RCVS Knowledge in celebrating all things audit on their social media platforms and website. You can also sign up to their monthly newsletter to keep up to date with the latest QI and EBVM news and resources.

RCVS Knowledge are encouraging others to follow their Facebook page to be the first to know about the new resources being released and provided.

The weekly themes are as follows:

  • November week 1: Anaesthesia and surgery audits
  • November week 2: Post-op care audits
  • November week 3: Pharmacy and dispensing audits
  • November week 4: Clinical Audit Awareness Week

During the last week, RCVS Knowledge will be sharing upcoming news for the National Audit for Small Animal Neutering and releasing the latest benchmark results.

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