The aim of this “Chronic Illness, VNs & the Equality Act at Work” webinar was to provide insights in to the legal requirements of employers under the Equality Act 2010 concerning supporting VNs who suffer from a chronic illness; and to share a case study from a practice director already carrying out best practice.

Chair: Alex Taylor

Presenters: Nicky Ackerley and Lindsay Hughes

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The Equality Act 2010;

Employers have a legal duty to provide support for workers with chronic illnesses.

The Equality Act 2010 states that employers are obliged to ensure that those with disabilities are not treated less favourably due to their disability, or for reasons related to their disability. An employer must provide reasonable adjustments to avoid any substantial disadvantages that a disabled employee may face.

The conditions covered by the Act are physical or mental impairments that have more than a minor or trivial long-term adverse effect on a person’s ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.

Supporting employees with chronic ill health can also minimise the potential costs of long-term absence and staff turnover and can encourage productivity, job retention and quality of life. Furthermore, it can retain the experience, knowledge and skills of a worker.

During August and September, we have been sharing information and giving guidance on how to support nurses with chronic illness or conditions. We will be looking at how people can seek help from both an employer and employee point of view. There will be a four-page pull-out supplement in a future VNJ with a toolkit to help colleagues. Please read and share and let’s make a difference.

All webinars will be included in the free Tool Kit on the BVNA website at the end of September.

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