Please take a listen to our podcasts for the BVNA Chronic Illnesses Campaign, to help raise awareness about veterinary nurses who suffer from a chronic illness or condition.

In Conversation With Margaret McCloud – In this podcast, Margaret McCloud talks about working as a veterinary nurse with multiple auto-immune diseases. Margaret discusses how devastated she was to give up working in practice, but how she used transferable skills learned in veterinary nursing to build a new career working for the NHS.

BVNA CIC Podcast In Conversation With Charlotte Pace – In this podcast, BVNA Junior Vice President, Alex Taylor interviews BVNA Council Member, Charlotte Pace, about working as a veterinary nurse with anxiety and depression. Charlotte discusses how she felt on her worst days, which support she has found the most useful, and how she will be using her own experience to help others in need.

Spoonies and the Spoonholder theory by Claire Hodgson – Claire is the co-founder of the BVCIS (British Veterinary Chronic Illness Support), and in this interesting episode, she talks about her journey to a difficult diagnosis and how it inspired her to share what she learnt about people with additional challenges in the veterinary profession. ‘There is a subcommunity for whom needing to finish work on time is the difference between not having to go home and choose whether you have a shower or whether to cook dinner … rather than being so exhausted that you have to choose between the two’. Oh! and we talk about cheese, wine, duck, and tango.

In Conversation with Helen Silver-Macmahon – In this podcast, Helen Silver-MacMahon, PGDip PSCHF, Cert VNECC, DipAVN (surg), Cert SAN, RVN, talks about how injuring her hip after a riding accident meant she needed a total hip replacement. Helen talks about how difficult some days were due to post operative limitations and how she used some of her time off to study for her masters and diversify into a completely new and exciting role for Vet-led.

Alex Taylor in conversation with Neha Sharma – In this podcast, VCA and soon-to-be veterinary student, Neha Sharma talks about how she has managed the symptoms of fibromyalgia and coeliac disease whilst studying for her A levels, a Bioveterinary science degree, and working hard to gain a place at the University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Alex Taylor in conversation with Jo Hinde – In this podcast, Alex Taylor, BVNA Junior Vice President, interviews Jo Hinde, BVNA Senior Vice President, about the difficulties she has faced battling ME, chronic back pain, and sepsis. Jo talks about how although chronic back pain meant she had to leave clinical practice, she has still managed to forge a successful career as a lecturer for veterinary professionals. Jo also discusses how she became very ill last year due to developing sepsis but how her ongoing recovering has inspired her to spread awareness about this serious condition, especially within the veterinary profession.

Charlotte Pace in conversation with Rachel Mason, talking about Ménière’s disease – Charlotte chats openly with Rachel about working as an RVN with a disease she was diagnosed with, the week after she graduated.

Working as a vet nurse with endometriosis and adenomyosis – Lyndsay Hughes and Alex Taylor – Listen to our latest podcast where Lyndsay Hughes interviews Alex Taylor about working as a veterinary nurse with endometriosis and adenomyosis.

Alex Taylor, BVNA JVP, in conversation with Anna Pepper RVN – Alex Taylor, BVNA JVP, in conversation with Anna Pepper RVN – who talks about the challenges she has faced working in referral practice as a vet nurse with multiple chronic illnesses. Anna expresses how supportive her colleagues have been, discusses the coping mechanisms she has used over the last few years, and shares her tips for making it through the day.

‘I have Crohn’s disease, but it doesn’t have me’ – A podcast by Alex Taylor In Conversation with Lauren Hargrave RVN – Alex Taylor, JVP at BVNA, talks with Lauren Hargrave about living with Crohn’s disease as a veterinary nurse. Lauren shares her successes, and her challenges and shares just how resilient she has become and ever-more determined to have a great career as a veterinary nurse.