Vetlife have just announced that due to a recent change in their Articles, registered veterinary nurses can, for the first time:-

  • Become full Vetlife members and stand for nomination as Trustees
  • Apply for financial support

This is a major change to include registered veterinary nurses, and one which BVNA wholeheartedly supports. Vetlife can now reflect the wider veterinary profession and use the expertise and experience of veterinary nurses. The full press release can be viewed here:

What does this mean for nurses? 

  1. By becoming a member, nurses will support the charitable work that Vetlife do, such as running the 24 hour helpline, train volunteers, offer mental health support, provide financial support, and improve awareness that no veterinary professional has to be alone when suffering from mental health problems;
  2. Standing for nomination as a trustee means that nurses can help shape the future of the charity;
  3. Vetlife will look at an individual nurse’s circumstances and assess if financial assistance can be given;

Vetlife and BVNA working together

BVNA are very proud to be working with Vetlife. Health issues and financial concerns are rife within the veterinary nursing profession, and BVNA want to increase awareness of the invaluable work that Vetlife do to support the whole veterinary profession.

Who are Vetlife? 

Vetlife are a charity who provide support specifically to the veterinary profession to those that need emotional, health or financial concerns. They offer wide ranging support, depending upon the circumstances of the individual. They do this through three services: