BVNA is proud to announce our photograph competition!

Between February and June 2024, we are inviting all of our members (including RVNs, SVNs and VCAs) to submit images on specific topics, as detailed in the table below.

Each month, one winner will be selected to receive a one-day pass for BVNA Congress 2024 in Telford.

Each month we have three topics for you to choose from and you can submit up to a total of five images on any of the topics for the month. When submitting photos, please rename each file number with your name, topic month and image number (i.e. MaryJonesJan001) so we can link your form and photos together.

Please find the entry form here; BVNA Photo Competition. The first photo competition will open on 1st February 2024.

Make sure you check out the full terms and conditions and guidance for entries below. Best practice should always be promoted in every image.

Any photos that make it through to the judging round may be used in BVNA social media, newsletter or the VNJ.

Please email if you have any questions or queries. We look forward to seeing your photos!

Guidelines for Entry

  • Veterinary nurses in photos should be wearing gloves and an apron over their scrubs/uniform when appropriate. For example, for blood sampling, gloves should be worn for the image. For isolation cases, full PPE should be used. For dental work, visors should be worn. For all procedures, hair should be tied up. The veterinary staff should be bare below the elbows.
  • Please avoid sending photos of the following animals unless pertinent: dwarf varieties, overweight animals, very short-nosed breeds (e.g. pugs, bulldogs, Cavalier King Charles spaniels, Persian cats). Animals should not have cropped ears or tails.
  • Photos should ideally be taken in natural daylight but avoiding strong sunlight, which may cause severe shadows or over-exposure of the image. Morning and later afternoon are ideal in summer when the midday light is very harsh. Where a photo is taken indoors, please ensure it is as well-lit as possible to avoid using a flash or capturing ‘red eye’. Standing a subject next to a window and taking the photo from the window and looking at them (where they are lit by natural light) is ideal if an outdoor photo is not possible.
  • Ensure that any background or foreground clutter is removed or tidied. Ideally take the photo against a plain wall background – and a pale background if possible.
  • Where the subject is a product: ensure it is well lit and positioned in a way that showcases any key features, labels or wording. Where possible, ensure that the area around the product is clear and clutter free.
  • Take two or three photos of the same subject. Experiment with different angles and distances. Make sure there is space around the subject, which allows for more creative use in print.

Terms and Conditions

  • This photography competition is only open to BVNA members who are RVNs, SVNs and VCAs, residents of the United Kingdom and are aged 16 years or over. Veterinary surgeons and other support staff are not able to enter. All entrants will be checked against our membership database and where applicable, the RCVS register for eligibility.
  • Entries must be received by 12:00am on the last day of the month. Entries will be shortlisted each month to one winner a month, as chosen by council members in the BVNA social media and Literature Imagery group. Each monthly winner will be notified by email within 10 working days of the closing date.
  • We will accept a maximum of 5 photographs per person but please note that when it comes to shortlisting only one of those entries will be able to go through to the final choice.
  • Photographs must align with one of the monthly themes it is entered for. If it does not, it will be eliminated.
  • Please supply your photographs in the highest quality resolution that you can. Avoid downsizing images. High resolution digital entries must be uploaded to the Google Photograph Competition Application Form at the end of this document. Most smartphones and digital cameras will take a reasonable quality photo.
  • The BVNA accepts no responsibility for incomplete entries.
  • With each entry to the competition, you are giving the BVNA permission to publish the photograph and details on BVNA social platforms and literature and for the free use of the image elsewhere by the BVNA. BVNA will hold the copyright for submitted images and named credit will be given where possible when any image is used in BVNA publication.
  • All photographs must be the entrant’s own work, the photographer is the owner of the image. If you are submitting a photograph of an animal not owned by the photographer, it is taken as read that permission from the caregiver of the animal has been sought and approved for entry in the competition and for you to receive the prize if you are a winner. Photos may only contain animals or people if you have the caregiver’s/person’s prior consent, including children of the caregiver.
  • Ensure you have permission to take photos in the location and of the people and animals you are photographing – this includes people in the background. If you are submitting supplementary material (e.g. a diagram, table, illustration or photo) you did not create yourself, you must obtain written consent for its publication in BVNA from the copyright owner.
  • Each month, one winner will be selected to receive a ONE-day pass for BVNA Congress 2024 in Telford, with the winner picking a day of their choice from 11th, 12th or 13th of October 2024. Travel and accommodation are not included. There is no cash alternative to the prizes.
  • BVNA accepts no liability for loss or misplacement of the prize once in the winner’s possession.
  • By entering the competition, you are giving BVNA consent to retain your data for six months.