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This two-part webinar series is aimed at RVNs within leadership and management roles, but would be useful for any other veterinary professional and wider teams too. Our speakers will highlight the endless opportunities and career progression that can be found within these roles, and also where support can be sought in what can sometimes feel like a lonely position. As a leader, we’ll help you feel informed, empowered and connected.

Catch up with part 1 here.

In Part 2, Beth will be presenting to you what it really means to be in a leadership role in the veterinary nursing profession. She will be discussing what will be expected of you as a team lead and how you can prepare for that. Beth is a strong believer that you should always have a good support network around you, especially in leadership as it can be lonely so she will give you a check list so you can ensure you are not set up to fail.

What happens when you are employed as a leader and you have never met any of the team you are about to lead? Beth will discuss how you approach this including some tips around observation & communication skills.

We all dread those difficult discussions in practice with our colleagues and members of our team. Part of this session will involve discussing how to embrace these and navigate through them successfully.

Feedback and constructive criticism are really appreciated by all of us, but how do you deliver that? Beth will talk a little bit about this and also about self-reflection, where to go for support and there will be a discussion around mental wellbeing in the veterinary practice and preventing burn out.

Learning Outcomes;

1 – What does it mean to be in a leadership role and preparing our colleagues in the profession for what is expected of you in that type of role

2 – What support is going to be put in place for you as a leader and discussions around that as leadership can be lonely at times

3 – Where to start if you come in as a new member of staff to the practice

4 – How to have difficult conversations with the team you are leading

5 – How to provide feedback and constructive criticism on your team’s performance

6 – Self-reflection & where to go for support when you need it. Discussion around mental health and burn out

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