Since 2017, we have been working closely with BVA on a range of shared interests and priorities, such as VN Futures, policies, working groups, and government legislation. This style of working collaboratively was first agreed in 2017 with a Memorandum of Understanding [MoU].

We recognise that we are separate professions and have strong individual identities as Associations but also recognise that in some areas, working together makes us stronger. Therefore the MoU has been updated to cover the next three years of collaborative working between us and the BVA.

The MoU was signed on Saturday, 2nd October 2021 by Jo Oakden and Alex Taylor on behalf of BVNA and Justine Shotton and James Russell on behalf of the BVA.

Jo Oakden said:

“It has been a difficult 18 months for the profession, and new challenges keep being presented to us. This is why it is so important we collaborate and support one another. We are one team within this profession. It gives me great pleasure to sign the MOU with BVA, ensuring our close working relationship for the next 3 years. Together, our voice is stronger.”

BVA President, Justine Shotton said:

“This is a challenging time for everyone in the veterinary family. It has never been more vital for us all to work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for animal health, welfare, public health and our professions. We have already achieved so much more working in unison over the last three years and I am delighted that we will continue to provide one strong veterinary voice on key issues for the veterinary team.”

You can see the Memorandum of Understanding [MoU] here.