BVNA have recently been working towards a brand new Learning Pathway in Anaesthesia, proudly partnered with the Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists (AVA) and with the kind support of Dechra.

What is a Learning Pathway?

BVNA is committed to ensuring its future CPD provides delegates with the implementable skills and knowledge to have a direct impact on their veterinary nursing practice, along with the confidence to consider future specialised CPD opportunities and/or advanced level veterinary nursing qualifications too. The Learning Pathway in Anaesthesia combines the provision of a bite-sized course designed by leading subject experts at AVA, with access to discounted AVA Membership (or BVNA Membership, if you are already an AVA Member) and therefore future specialised CPD opportunities to those who successfully complete the course.

Due to challenges associated with COVID-19, we will now be aiming to start this course in August/September 2021. This decision has been made, in part, to provide participants with the best opportunity to be able to complete the course within the provided timescales, given the current pressures on many at present. We are sorry that this has changed from our original plan of early 2021 – but we remain very excited to be able to share this course with you later in the year. We plan for registrations to open fully in June/July 2021.

Those interested in the course can still access details about the Learning Pathway and register their interest here.

Key course details:

  • 15 hours of interactive and engaging CPD, which you will have 6 months to complete.
  • 4 modules:
    • Patient Safety and Human Factors
    • Pre-Anaesthetic Preparation of Patient and Equipment
    • Anaesthetic Induction and Maintenance
    • Patient Recovery
  • If enrolling from the UK, you must be an RVN to enrol (or equivalent, if enrolling from the EU).
  • No prior reading is required – the course is designed to cover the fundamentals before introducing more technical knowledge.

Should you have any queries regarding the Learning Pathway in Anaesthesia, please do not hesitate to contact Charlotte Bullard (BVNA Education Manager) at