The British Veterinary Nursing Association and the Animal Behaviour and Training Council will soon be launching a brand-new Learning Pathway in Behaviour.

The course, covering canine and feline behaviour, will provide 16+ hours of CPD and contain the following modules:

  • Explaining Animal Learning
  • Physiology, Emotion and Behaviour
  • Avoiding Behaviour Problems
  • In-Practice Aspects of Animal Behaviour

This exciting new course is aimed at RVNs who wish to improve or refresh their knowledge of animal behaviour, or who may be interested in embarking upon further, more advanced learning in animal behaviour in the future. We welcome all RVNs with an interest in improving their knowledge of animal behaviour, so if you are not currently working in clinical practice, you will still be very welcome to enrol.

The course is designed to be as convenient as possible for the busy veterinary nurse; delivered online using BVNA’s Moodle platform, with access on an on-demand basis. This means you can complete the course at your own pace, provided you complete the course requirements within the course timeframe of 3 months. The Learning Pathway is made up of webinars, interactive activities, reflections, and assessed via multiple choice questions (MCQs).

Here’s what BVNA and ABTC say about this exciting new course:

‘The BVNA & ABTC Learning Pathway in Behaviour is a brilliant route for veterinary nurses to take and learn about the cross-over between their patient’s physical and mental health, which are intrinsically linked. The benefits for patient wellbeing are immense if the veterinary team has a better understanding of animal behaviour. Having more veterinary nurses interested in and learning about animal behaviour is vital to help maintain the welfare of their patients and improve the human-animal bond.’

– Alex Taylor, BVNA President 2021-22

‘The ABTC is proud to have developed this excellent new on-line resource, alongside the BVNA, for veterinary nurses who have an interest in behaviour. The potential impact of developing the understanding and awareness of veterinary nurses of evidence-based approaches to changing animal behaviour is enormous in terms of improved welfare.

Veterinary staff are an important source of information for clients, and potential clients, about animal training and behaviour and it is essential that the information provided should be humane and evidence-based approaches and techniques. Working with owners will help the veterinary team to provide a fear free practice for their patients. This new Learning Pathway introduces these concepts and is a stepping stone for nurses who may want to study further to become behaviour professionals, in particular Animal Behaviour Technicians within the suite of ABTC Practitioner roles.’

– Jane Williams, ABTC Secretary

The Learning Pathway in Behaviour is due to launch in Summer 2022; in the meantime, we are currently accepting registrations of interest. If you would like to be kept up to date with course news and be first to be notified when registrations open, please visit the course page here.

For more information about ABTC, visit their website here: