Are you interested in volunteering for an exciting project at the Science Museum?

If so, look no further! The BVNA have been contacted by the Science Museum to put volunteers forward for a permanent exhibition called ‘Technicians’.

This exhibition will be showcasing what a variety of technician jobs involve, including laboratory technicians, sound technicians, pharmacy technicians (to name a few) and of course veterinary nurses!

The exhibit will be a series of short video clips of 20-30 seconds, showing technicians doing their work, and the gallery wants to reflect the diversity of their 11–16-year-old visitors so that they all feel included and inspired to become a technician.

Those chosen will be required to be interviewed via Zoom and then selected veterinary nurses will be filmed, at work, showing young people what veterinary nurses do and how skilled and knowledgeable they really are

Anyone is welcome to apply and will be considered, but they would like to reflect the diversity of the audience at the Science Museum, so they will be prioritising and speaking with people from BAME backgrounds, those identifying as LGBTQIA+, veterinary nurses with visible and hidden disabilities, as well as male veterinary nurses. They are also prioritising technicians who are students or at first job level, for relatability to their target audience.

Is this something that you are interested in volunteering for and being part of? If so, please email bvna@bvna.co.uk.

Please note: We are expecting applications to be high for this project, so not everyone who applies will be successful in taking part in the exhibition.