Watch the trailer below for “Anaesthesia for Brachycephalics” by Claire Woolford RVN, and if you want to watch it in full, click on Buy £8.00 on the video below.

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Brachycephalic pets are hugely popular these days, but they come with a long list of health problems that can all cause difficulties when they need to be anaesthetised. This webinar will cover the anatomical differences found in the brachycephalic patient and the various diseases they can suffer from. It will cover how to prepare to anaesthetise the brachycephalic patient. It will go through how to plan your anaesthetic protocol, care during premedication and induction which are high risk times for the brachycephalic. it will also cover some updates on new surgical treatments and new drug protocols that can help get these patients safely through their anaesthetic.

1. Be able to prepare for an anaesthetic in a brachycephalic.
2. Understand how to plan a safe anaesthetic protocol.
3. Understand analgesic techniques for BOAS surgery.
4. Safely recover a brachycephalic patient

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